Is PAX better than Platsa? (2024)

Is PAX better than Platsa?

The Platsa wardrobe system is similar to the PAX system, but lacks the quality and finish of the PAX. As such it is slightly cheaper. It is however more versatile with regards to shape and size as frames can be stacked on top of each other or fixed next to each other.

Which is better PLATSA or PAX?

The choice between PAX and PLATSA depends on your specific needs and preferences. Both systems offer customisable storage solutions, but some differences exist. The PAX system is a comprehensive and intricate wardrobe system that offers a wide range of customisation options to suit individual needs and preferences.

Can you mix and match PAX and PLATSA?

Each range can only be built with products within it's own range, unless specified. You won't be able to combine ranges of the same kind unless it's specified that it's possible. For example, the PAX modular wardrobe range is not suitable to be combined with the PLATSA modular storage range.

Can you sit on IKEA PLATSA?

To be placed over low frames as a top or to create a practical bench to sit on. You can easily attach several PLATSA frames to each other using the included clips.

Is Ikea PAX hard to build?

The two of us put it together and it took an entire day. As we bought the taller wardrobe frames, we had to assemble them standing up. This is much harder and I feel you would definitely need a second person to do it, unless you're a total pro! It took a while to get the wardrobes hanging level to each other.

Is PAX or Platsa cheaper?

It was cheaper than PAX (a big bonus for us as we are on a tight budget.) The wardrobe is easy to move because it is not fixed to the space, making it easy in the future if we ever want to change or bring it with us to a new home. This system is, for instance, perfect if you are renting!

Is IKEA phasing out PAX?

To clarify, we are discontinuing the alternate colors and not the entire PAX series. At this time, we don't have any additional information on upcoming products that may be similar to PAX. We hope this helps.

Is Ikea PAX good quality?

Despite this and the few issues I encountered, I would say that yes, it was worth it. This wardrobe was a very practical and affordable option for our needs at the time and continues to be now. It was definitely much less expensive than moving houses in order to get more space.

Can you use Ikea Pax as a built in closet?

Making An Ikea Pax Closet Look Built-In

The Pax system comes in either 79″ or 93″ heights, so if you've got 8ft ceilings (96″) like us, all you have to do is fill that 3-ish inch gap. You may need to do some gap filling on the sides too if you also want it to go wall-to-wall (which we did here).

What is the hardest IKEA item to assemble?

Here are the top 10 most frustrating IKEA furniture to assemble, based on the study:
  • HEMNES day-bed frame with three drawers.
  • BESTA TV bench.
  • BESTA storage combination.
  • EKET cabinet.
  • HEMNES chest of eight drawers.
  • NORDLI bed frame.
  • NIKKEBY chest of four drawers.
  • TRULSTORP coffee table.
Mar 12, 2023

Is IKEA Platsa easy to assemble?

Easy assembly and disassembly

Thanks to the wedge dowel fitting the PLATSA frames are quick and easy to assemble and disassemble, making it easy to bring your storage solution with you when you move. Just click the pieces together, no tools needed.

What is the most complicated thing to build from IKEA?

IKEA products: Top 5 most difficult to build.
  • Stuva loft bed.
  • Stuva wardrobe.
  • PAX wardrobe.
  • Nordli chest of drawers.
  • Platsa wardrobe system.
Nov 15, 2020

What is the maximum load for PLATSA?

To make the white surface of the footboard panel more decorative you can use no drill hooks, such as LILLÅNGEN hanger for doors, to hang two RIBBA frames (61×91 cm). Maximum load is 6 kg.

What doors are compatible with PLATSA?

Doors for IKEA PLATSA system
  • Lacquered doors. Smooth doors or with unique cutters, available in 20 selected colors. ...
  • Veneered doors. Classic doors in natural oak veneer. ...
  • Classic laminate doors. Doors made of EGGER and Kronospan material. ...
  • Wood laminate doors. ...
  • Premium laminate doors. ...
  • Acrylic doors.

What is the maximum height for PLATSA?

Thanks to the wedge dowel fitting the PLATSA bed are quick and easy to assemble and disassemble, making it easy to bring your solution with you when you move. Maximum building height from the floor to the top of the footboard (excluding top panel), is 220 cm.

How long do PAX wardrobes last?

The guarantee for PAX/KOMPLEMENT wardrobes and interior organisers remains in force for ten (10) years and is valid from the date of purchase, or, delivery date if later.

How much does IKEA charge to install PAX wardrobe?

IKEA wardrobe assembly cost

A competent tradesperson will usually charge between £45 – £90 for IKEA wardrobe assembly. This depends on whether it's a standard 2-door wardrobe or a larger wardrobe with sliding doors.

Why is everything so cheap in IKEA?

Bulk Production

One of the big costs that furniture companies must contend with is the cost of production — the labor and machinery involved do not come cheaply. IKEA keeps its prices to consumers low by producing many of the components in bulk, according to House Digest.

Why was PAX banned?

Pax is launching a web app today capable of controlling its lineup of connected weed vapes. The launch comes six months after Pax's app was banned from the Apple App Store, when Apple decided to crack down on vaping apps amid nationwide concerns over vaping-related lung injuries.

Do Ikea PAX shelves sag?

Some, even not heavily loaded, shelves are sagging and causing the side panels of the wardrobe cabinet to spread pulling out the small plastic pins that hold the shelves in place and eventually allowing the shelf to drop.

What is IKEA recent controversy?

IKEA furniture was allegedly produced by prisoners in Belarus penal colonies under forced labor conditions, according to a new report by the French non-profit investigative journalism network Disclose.

Do PAX wardrobes have to be attached to the wall?

Yes. Large storage units like PAX wardrobes need to be attached to a wall to keep them from falling over.

Can PAX wardrobes be freestanding?

They can range from a basic free-standing wardrobe to one which is custom built to fit your bedroom perfectly.

What paint color matches IKEA PAX white?

What white paint matches IKEA Pax? There are many different whites used on IKEA products. The Pax units are a great match for Benjamin Moore Simply White in pearl finish. The Pax door “FORSAND” matches well with Benjamin Moore's White Dove.

Are PAX wardrobes being discontinued?

IKEA is not discontinuing the entire PAX system, but instead, they are discontinuing alternate color options such as grey and brown. Heres' IKEA's official response on Twitter: “To clarify, we are discontinuing the alternate colors and not the entire PAX system. The PAX in white variations will still be made and sold.”


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