What color paint matches Ikea Pax White? (2024)

What color paint matches Ikea Pax White?

There are many different whites used on IKEA products. The Pax units are a great match for Benjamin Moore Simply White in pearl finish.

Which paint is closest to IKEA white?

But what paint colour is IKEA Hemnes white? The IKEA Hemnes White Colour Matching Challenge I did a few Google searches and the most popular matching paint colour was Acadia White, OC-38, by Benjamin Moore.

What to paint Ikea PAX with?

Can IKEA Pax wardrobes be painted? Yes, you can paint all plastic-foiled surfaces with the MissPompadour varnishesn.

What colour are PAX wardrobes?

PAX frames are available in three colours: white, black-brown, and white stained wood from IKEA. The latter is more challenging to get but can infuse your wardrobe with a charming, rustic ambience. This option is perfect for those seeking a more unique and natural look in their wardrobe design.

Can you colour match IKEA furniture?

At IKEA we have our own colour palette, and this means we do not give out the colour codes (RAL-codes) of our products. However, as a tip, if you take a sample (or photo) of the color to a paint specialist, they can usually match it.

What is the IKEA white called?

POPPARE Paint, white - IKEA.

Is IKEA getting rid of PAX?

To clarify, we are discontinuing the alternate colors and not the entire PAX series.

What paint to use for IKEA wardrobe?

Best paint for IKEA furniture

Chalk paint needs sealing with wax to protect the surface, so bear this in mind. If you're painting laminate furniture or it has a slightly shiny surface, make sure you either use a paint that's 2 in 1 with primer, or use a separate primer.

Does Ikea Pax come in colors?

You can choose between three colors of PAX frame – white, black-brown and gray-stained ash effect.

Does Ikea Pax only come in white?

IKEA PAX frames come in three colours: white, black-brown and white stained oak. The doors are the focal point of any wardrobe and they need to match the style of your room.

Are PAX wardrobes being discontinued?

IKEA is not discontinuing the entire PAX system, but instead, they are discontinuing alternate color options such as grey and brown. Heres' IKEA's official response on Twitter: “To clarify, we are discontinuing the alternate colors and not the entire PAX system. The PAX in white variations will still be made and sold.”

How do you make PAX look good?

The main trick is to use trim or molding for that fully floor-to-ceiling look. The Pax system comes in either 79″ or 93″ heights, so if you've got 8ft ceilings (96″) like us, all you have to do is fill that 3-ish inch gap.

Can I paint IKEA furniture white?

Yes! It should go without saying that you can paint IKEA wood furniture. (Pssst…if you are looking for tips on painting wood or other non-laminate furniture, check out my post about the best paint for every kind of furniture). But you can also paint IKEA laminate furniture and get gorgeous results that last!

What is the best paint to paint IKEA furniture?

My favourite latex paint to use on IKEA furniture (solid wood or laminate) is Behr Scuff Defense or Behr Dynasty (even better). Both products have lasted on my pieces for a long time, and Dynasty has absolutely amazing coverage.

How to paint dark IKEA furniture white?

How to Paint IKEA Furniture
  1. Disassemble IKEA piece and prep your work space. ...
  2. Lightly sand the surfaces. ...
  3. Wipe all surfaces clean. ...
  4. Prime all surfaces. ...
  5. Paint at least two coats. ...
  6. Finish with a protective sealer.
Jul 30, 2023

What is IKEA white stain?

• White: It is a particle board product that is not wood, painted with invisible texture. • White stain: It is a product made of stain treated with characteristics of wood such as knot and grain. The wood is visible, has a natural feel.

What color is IKEA Axstad white?

The AXSTAD white kitchen series has a matte, white surface with soft lines and an inset panel that allows you to create both a modern and traditional kitchen.

Is Ikea Hemnes white or off white?


White is more of a creamy, off-white and has a semi-gloss finish.

Why does IKEA white furniture go yellow?

Woodwork finished with a white or light turpentine-based paint (also called Alkyd paint) will yellow to a greater or lesser extent indoors in places where there is little or no daylight. This has to do with the composition of the paint.

How do you paint a white IKEA dresser?

How to Paint Ikea Furniture
  1. Step 1: Sand. Lightly sand any surface area you intend to paint with 120 grit sandpaper. Any area that will be painted should be sanded. ...
  2. Step 2: Prime. Before you can add paint, you need to prime your surface. ...
  3. Step 3: Paint. Now it's time to add color!
Sep 20, 2022

How do you fill IKEA PAX holes?

Yes, we sell cover caps that can fit the 5mm holes on the side panels of cabinets. The VARIERA cover caps have been designed with our METOD kitchen range in mind, and are available to match the white and black cabinets. They are suitable for 5mm holes, which means they are also compatible PAX wardrobe frames.

Is IKEA PAX worth the money?

Despite this and the few issues I encountered, I would say that yes, it was worth it. This wardrobe was a very practical and affordable option for our needs at the time and continues to be now. It was definitely much less expensive than moving houses in order to get more space.

What is the alternative to IKEA PAX?

Noremax doors are known for their high-quality and stylish design, making them a great alternative to IKEA PAX doors. Superfront is a Swedish company that offers a range of PAX doors in a variety of materials and styles, including glass, solid wood, and melamine.

Is PAX or Platsa better?

The choice between PAX and PLATSA depends on your specific needs and preferences. Both systems offer customisable storage solutions, but some differences exist. The PAX system is a comprehensive and intricate wardrobe system that offers a wide range of customisation options to suit individual needs and preferences.

How do you make Pax paint?

  1. In a bowl, add your chosen color of acrylic paint. You can make any color you want. ...
  2. Add an equal amount of pro-adhesive to the acrylic paint.
  3. If using an airbrush, thin out the paint with water.
  4. Store any paint you don't use in an airtight container, and you can reuse it forever.


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